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Thursday, 20 September 2012
September Newsletter

Dan wrote the September issue of our personal newsletter, but asked me to write an "annual report" covering the last twelve months to give people some idea of what we get up to from a whole year view.

Looking back over my planning calendar for the months from September 2011 until now I am in awe of what God has enabled Dan and I to accomplish. No wonder I feel a little worn out at times. So, I want to begin by giving glory to God for his abundant grace. Truly, I am overcome by his goodness towards us.

We have had the privilege of ministering, teaching, counseling, mentoring and networking in so many different places over this last year.

We have taught at MJBI Bible schools, visited congregations, attended board meetings, been invited to speak in churches and have ministered in four continents.

In Israel, there have been numerous hours of mentoring young leaders (pages can be written about this alone) and networking with the other Messianic Jewish leaders in the Land. Our house is often full of young people as we seek to be a safe haven for them. Our motto: "Open heart, open home, open refrigerator and open dishwasher" continues to motivate us.

As far as this coming year, we are continuing our work with young leaders in Israel, practicing hospitality and networking with other leaders, teaching in both Israel and the States while visiting the congregations in the Tikkun America Network. Next year, 2013, we are dedicating to learning Hebrew and are therefore going back to language school. We have wanted to do this for years but have been prevented from doing this because of other pressing responsibilities. It is absolutely necessary that we become fluent in Hebrew to be more effective in the Land with the Israelis, be part of the leadership team and take part in the various leaders' fellowships ... all being held in Hebrew. So please pray for us.

You can always read the latest edition of our personal newsletter here.

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