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Tuesday, 3 February 2015
Recognising a New Alignment

So in the United States we were Tikkun International and we were mainly sending from the US. But that has been changing. What's happening now is that we're sending people from Israel to the nations. That's a whole switch and we came to the realization that, "Wow! We're not going from the United States to the nations anymore. We're primarily going from Israel to the nations." Therefore Tikkun International should be positioned in Israel, not the US. And with Asher being the leader of our Jerusalem work, he should now become the president of Tikkun International headquartered in Jerusalem.

Under this new alignment I will still be a director with Asher in Tikkun International, but I will take a new name for my ministry so that people know they are supporting the whole network when they support Tikkun International. The new name for my ministry which still connects under the name Tikkun will be "Restoration from Zion".

And Eitan's going to draw together the northern congregations and southern congregations into unity, with the ministries and communities under the name Tikkun Israel. So we will have Tikkun America, Tikkun Israel and Tikkun International which will harmonize the sending from all of our congregations and ministries in Israel to the nations.

And we are already doing this. For example, we are sending one man to network with the Chinese churches. He's going to live there for one to two and half years. Know this great underground Chinese church is connected to us in a very strong way.

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