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Tuesday, 10 February 2015
Projects in the Land: Yad Hashemona

Then we have the Yad Hashemona Project which is one of the most extraordinary projects. It is such importance because we have been invited to partner with the only Messianic Jewish moshav in the land of Israel. It is on major acreage just outside of Jerusalem that is, of course, for the sake of agriculture and other things.

A moshav is like a kibbutz but it is a semi-kibbutz. You have a little bit more control over the property you live in - but not total control because it's still community run. Many of our people will be moving to live there. We are currently seeking to build a joint center in this moshav which will be the Discipleship Ministry Worship Center for Revive Israel. Yad Hashemona will provide the property, we will build the building, but the building will be for both the moshav to use and for our ministry to use.

We have a big prayer request for this project to proceed, that we can get over the legal glitch. If we are given the stakes forever because we provide the building, the land authority has to consider that this is not a sale of property to us - and that would cause a huge tax problem. But we're quite confident we will get through this legal challenge and even if we had to pay the 25% taxes, we'd do it for the sake of building this facility. This will cost us about four million dollars. It's a major facility and we're about half way to meeting that need.

So this project (which is nicknamed "Yad 8") is going to be a light to the whole nations. Can you imagine a Messianic Jewish moshav right there near Jerusalem that has a hotel, that has industry, that is going to be the home for some 80 Messianic Jewish families? This is quite an extraordinarily amazing thing that is happening right now.

We are going to be sharing the developments of these and other projects on a regular basis. It's a great time to get behind things that are going to be really fruitful.

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