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Sunday, 6 September 2015
Beit Simcha Newsletter

We're Moving This Month

Labor Day is nearly upon us! With it we kiss summer and Wellspring goodbye, and look forward to fall and celebrating the high holidays in our new location! But first, we need to get there.

So this Monday, we will be packing up and shipping out to the Trexlertown Grange at 1183 Grange Road, Wescosville. We hope you can join us and lend a hand - there will be plenty to do! We start bright and early at 9AM at Wellspring. We will pray for spiritual cleansing at the Grange at 2:30pm.

We are excited about our temporary home and the move to a temporary space seems quite appropriate as we approach the season of Sukkot. The Grange will be our Sukkah (booth) while we wait expectantly for the construction of our new, permanent Synagogue just across the street. Lord willing (and various permits and financing), we will be breaking ground next spring!

Please pray with us as we make this dramatic change. It's a large step to take and we are taking it in faith. The Lord has blessed us in many ways, and we are excited for the greater blessings He will bestow on us and our neighbors as we put our trust in Him.

Powerful Prophetic Ministry

Avi and Tzofiya Rogers of As You Go Ministries and Beth Tikkun Messianic Congregation will be visiting Beit Simcha at our Shabbat service. 10am, Sept 12, at our new location. They have extensive experience with teaching, prophecy, deliverance and community living. They will be teaching and ministering prophetically. This anointed couple made quite an impact last year, so don't miss them this time around!

Later that day at 7pm at the Rabbi's house, they will be speaking and ministering on "Transparency and Conflict Resolution", an especially important topic for those moving into the community house, but also vital to healthy congregational functioning. All are welcome!

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