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Wednesday, 18 November 2015
Beit Simcha News #1

Building Project Updates!

Like my namesake Moshe, I have appeared before the Township Board & Planning Commission 9 going on 10 times! The Zoning Board granted all of our variances and the Planning Commission said that it is close to giving our land development plan a positive recommendation.

In September we took formal title of the property and at the end of October we bought the Gangeweres, the beloved members who provided the land for us, a new mobile home, freeing up space in the Community House.

Our architect has finalized floor plans and next month we will takes bids from contractors - we already have generous offers - and finalize our financial plan.

At this critical time, please pray for wisdom and favor, and consider investing in God's Kingdom with us.

Prayer Points

Pray that our land development plan will sail through various government agencies.

Pray for architect, engineer, contractors.

Pray for financial support to come in.

Pray for wisdom and strength for the Rabbi and the leadership team.

Pray for a smooth relationship with Trexlertown Grange.

Pray for the health of the Gangeweres.

Pray for all obstacles to be moved.

Pray for God's grace to flow through the project and His Kingdom to reign!

Go along and have a read here. Don't forget to leave a comment for Paul Wilbur there, and then come back here to drop a line to let others know what you thought!

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