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Monday, 8 February 2016
Beit Midrash at Ohev Yisrael

I would like to share with you a report from our Adult Education, Beit Midrash, classes:

In November 2015, Beit Midrash thanked the faithful work of Jean Brown, who coordinated the program for several years. Coordination of the program transitioned to Lacie Rawlings, as Jean heard the call to devote more attention to some of the other extraordinary ministries at Ohev.

Lacie taught the inaugural lesson which examined the Book of Revelation from an ancient Hebraic perspective. She discussed the how ancient Jewish wedding rituals mirror what Yochanan discussed in the Revelation.

Steve and Etta Caldwell blessed the congregation with teaching on the importance of diligent prayer. They offered very practical advice on how and what to pray; Steve distributed a wonderful outline of his personal morning prayers - please let me know if you would like a copy!

Melanie Sollenberger taught the Hebrew of the Shema to a small but wonderful class in December - she is ready to teach again, we will try to offer a little advance notice in the bulletin so that you can be sure to mark your calendars.

Art Cohen taught a lesson entitled, "Was There Really No Room at the Inn?" This lesson offered great perspective on what happened in the season of Yeshua's human birth in Bethlehem.

We welcomed 2016 with a teaching by one of our elders, Scott Moore, who taught on "Entering the Holy of Holies in Hebrew Prayer." This teaching gave a great overview on how Jewish prayer was cultivated through the centuries and why we continue these traditions today.

Many thanks to all the teachers over the last quarter - and to those we have lined up for this winter. I thank all that have prayed for blessings to flood into the Beit Midrash ministry over the years and ask that you continue to pray that G-d blesses this time we have together as a community to learn about how to best know and serve G-d. Finally, I hope that Ohev members prayerfully consider teaching a lesson (or attending a lesson, for that matter), for as it is said, "as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Posted By Michael Rudolph, 11:11am Comment Comments: 0