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Thursday, 28 July 2016
Our Time in the States Part Three

Over the last two days I have shared a list of the involvements of work and then vacation times which were very short, during our 2 months of travel in the United States. Patty and I often find ourselves quite astonished at the arrangements of the Lord.

8. From Oaklahoma City, we flew to Phoenix and spent time with Bill Hepfner the leader of Yeshua Ha Meshiach Congregation. We spent time with his trustees and the leadership core that he is raising into eldership. We saw great progress since our last visit. On Sunday we drove to Santan, outside of Phoenix. There we met with the new planter of our newest related congregation under James Lingenfelter.

9. In Los Angeles, we spent important time at the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. This gave us opportunity to spend time with Robert Bloch and his family. This catch up with leaders is an important part of our vision.

10. We were able to spend time teaching in the Bible School of Apostle Chan and his congregation not far from Ontario. We also shared at his prayer meeting. We believe as well that this is an ongoing relationship.

11. Finally, we preached for Netz Gomez's church, Houses of Light. This is a growing Hispanic Church of 2000 members. The pastor originally connected to Asher Intrater and is very interested in a significant on going relationship, a partnership.

12. We had two very special vacation times totally about 5 days. 2 days of family reunion with Patty’s family in Ontario, New York, on Lake Ontario. Then we had three days of vacation in the Adirondaks at Friends Lake Inn. This was a surprise gift from Patty for our 45th anniversary. Friends Lake Inn was the last place of a family vacation when my father was still alive and all five of us were on vacation together for the last time.

We were especially blessed by this itinerary in the United States.

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