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Friday, 7 April 2017
Five ways to serve G-d at work - Part Two

The list below gives 5 ways you too can serve and be a minister.

1) Practically speaking, one thing you can do is to pray for people. Whenever you see an email asking for prayer; or, if someone asks you to pray for them or a situation, just pray.

2) Another thing you can do is find a friend to serve with. When something needs to be done, find a friend and engage your friend in the service with you. This way, you will both be blessed.

3) You may also choose to encourage someone. That's right, one way you can serve is to find a way to encourage the person. It doesn't take much, but it goes a long way.

4) Be Proactive. Yes, you read that correctly, being proactive allows you to own the service. Being proactive could mean something simple like remembering what the next step might in your task and doing it. Or paying attention to detail. It could mean something bigger. For instance, seeing a need and filling it; or, setting up a way to fill it.

5) Finally, be efficient. What this really means is operating in your area of strength. Just like the men and women in the Torah, who operated in their area of strength to get the Tabernacle built. You can look around at the community and see things that need to be done, you will naturally be drawn to those areas where you are strong. Don't limit it to that one area though because chances are you have been given the ability to be strong in more than one area. Look around and see.

May we all be blessed and encouraged to continue to think of ourselves as minsters and act as ministers before Him. He will be glorified and you will be discipling others to do the same; you will be impacting the world for the Kingdom!

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