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Wednesday, 13 December 2017
December Israel's Restoration

Have you read the December issue of Israel's Restoration yet? Here's a glimpse into each article, so if you haven't read them yet do it today!

Praying for Government Leaders

Prayer is so important that Yeshua had a regular discipline of praying early in the morning before the sun came up.

You can read Asher Intrater's lead article here.

Jewish Suffering

Yeshua wept over Jerusalem before giving this prophecy.

Dan Juster gives an insight in this article here.

Returning and Rebuilding

Brokenness is also the by-product of knowing that you are "beyond your depth" ... Through faith and patience we inherit the promises.

Eitan Shishkoff reflects on twenty-five years of living in Israel here.


In spite of all that Paul says about his background and culture, he continues on ... to express that all of the above is nothing in comparison to the calling that is in Yeshua.

Guy Cohen addresses the issue of identity in his article here.

Oasis Media

In our modern world of information and information technology, Oasis Media has become a reliable flagship of the Messianic movement in Israel and abroad.

Michael Klimov updates us on this ministry outlet here.

Healing Father Wounds

When I saw [the old photo], I experienced an inner release and freedom ... I was finally totally at peace and in line with who my parents are.

Asher Intrater talks about coming to terms with our parents' failings here.

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