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Monday, 21 August 2017
The Danger of Separatism

Although Messianic Jews have a distinct calling from God, they are part of the Body of the Messiah universal! We cannot fall into the danger of compromising biblical truth for the sake of cultural identity. This is manifest by words and deeds. Words can be used to put distance between Messianic Jews and other believers so that the Jewish community will not perceive us to be one with the Body. But we are one with the whole Body of the Messiah. Jews and Gentiles are one in Him, and a Messianic congregation has non-Jewish member, too. Although we seek to be part of Israel, we are also one with the Body of Messiah Jesus. Our words should reflect this. Our deeds should reflect this as well. There should be joint services and cooperative fellowship wtih leaders, etc. We can learn from the whole Body as we hopefully enrich as well.

Jewish Roots, Chapter Ten: Dangers to be Faced

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