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The Cry:

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Each of us will recognize The Cry within ourselves as we live the pages of this book. While Patty introduces The Cry as akin to that of a woman in the final throes of childbirth, The Cry of pain, anguish, longing and desperation - directed to our God - is genderless and common to all serious believers. Patty has experienced that cry in a number of situations and has discovered a spiritual principle. A desperate people receive supernatural intervention.

Because of the season and the signs of the times, members of the body of Christ need to be aware of, and giving themselves willingly to, how Jesus is equipping us to rend the heavens, release grace, and prepare the way of the Lord. This book is a heartfelt message to go deeper into your pain to discover the depths of God's grace, love and faithfulness.

"There is a redemptive purpose for everything you experience in life. God has created us to be co-laborers with Him to fulfill His plan for this earth. My prayer is that you will fall more deeply in love with Jesus as you discover the intense depths of His merciful love for you."

- Jane Hansen Hoyt President/CEO of Aglow International

Refined By Fire:

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Inside the burning house, the smoke was so overpowering that even one breath of it was deadly. The fire was out of control. If only I could reach Samuel, but there was too much smoke for me to see through, and I couldn't keep holding my breath. Sam was close, yet he might as well have been miles away.

A loving wife and mother, Patricia Juster was content with her life. She was overjoyed when God told her he would send her a son who would be a strong witness for him. When Samuel was born, he was a delight, and Patty expected him to grow into a bold man. Then her world was turned upside down when a tragic fire took Samuel's life. She experienced devastating grief as she coped with his loss. But through the experience Patty found treasures in darkness as God revealed beauty in pain and brought redemption from this sorrow. Discover hope and renewal in the heart-touching story of one family who was Refined by Fire.

"This story is the depths of a mother's heart finding life in the midst of death and hope in the midst of unspeakable sorrow. Patty's story will touch you in the deepest part of your heart."

- Robert Stearns Executive Director, Eagles Wings

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