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  • Documents (Position Pagers)

Key preview text from page: “A range of resources are available on the Tikkun America® website. Contributed by the leaders and individual congregations, there are liturgical resources, academic resources and material that can be used to help each congregation and their members to grow within the Messianic movement and the larger Body of Messiah.”

  • Blog

Key preview text: “The Tikkun America blog section offers insights, teachings, updates and more. To stay up-to-date with domestic and international events, review new teachings offered by Tikkun leadership, and interact with Q&A, please view the various resources”

  • Parasha schedule

Key preview text: “The weekly parashot align with daily Bible readings. Compiled by Dr. Michael Rudolph (Congregational Leader of Ohev Yisrael, Northern Virginia) from traditional sources, Dr. David Rudolph’s Shlichim Yomi and Dr. David H. Stern’s Complete Jewish Bible.” (link https://www.tikkunamerica.org/parashat-daily-readings/)

  • Mitzva book

Key preview text: “A compilation of various overviews, research, commentary and more. Offered as a work by Dr. Michael Rudolph (Congregational Leader of Ohev Yisrael, Northern Virginia) with Dr. Daniel C. Juster (Tikkun America’s Senior Shaliach).  (link https://www.tikkunamerica.org/mitzvah-book)

  • Affiliated Ministries

Key preview text: “Preview our beloved friends and colleagues. Tikkun America offers partnerships and ongoing co-laboring with a variety of close ministries. Each serves a specific area of the Body, while laboring in love alongside Tikkun America. ”



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Text to use for this: “Tikkun America has come up with the following items to encourage the study of scripture and tradition based matters regarding our faith. The various items included within are both static research, as well as items being replenished consistently. Please feel encouraged to engage with the content, to propose questions and concerns, and to share with others who would find the items of value.”

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