Contending for a Restorationist Messianic Judaism

Contending for a Restorationist Messianic Judaism Dan Juster

The phrase “Restorationist Messianic Judaism” is a moniker for our distinct biblical convictions. When we say “Messianic Judaism” we communicate an alignment with the mainstream of the Messianic Jewish movement world-wide, with a history which extends back to the fathers of our movement in the early 1970’s. The mainstream conviction for this movement even then…
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Times of Need Mark Rantz

Times of Need! If a phrase could sum up our human experience over the past few years, this very well might be it. From the ravages of COVID to unrest in the streets and the recent horrors in Afghanistan – our days as “times of need” may be an accurate assessment of life today, ……
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Messianic Judaism – Is That Something New? Rabbi Michael Weiner

Let me answer the question. By that name and by some standards, yes, Messianic Jewish communities of the modern era began only about 50 years ago. That would be new by most standards. Before the term “Messianic Jewish” became popular, the term “Hebrew Christian” was used. The term “Christian” itself wasn’t used until Acts 11:26.…
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