Divine Drudgery

Divine Drudgery Benjamin Juster

There are many tedious and mundane activities of life that never end — laundry, dishes, commuting to and from work, cleaning up after the pets. You get the idea. Drudgery. Drudgery is defined in Merriam-Webster as dull, irksome, and fatiguing work: uninspiring labor. It is the grind and travail of life. These activities are necessary…
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On an unrelated topic … Rabbi Michael Weiner

Isaiah 50:7 For Adonai Elohim will help Me. Therefore I have not been disgraced. Therefore I set My face like flint, and I know that I will not be ashamed … 9a See, Adonai Elohim will help Me. Who is he who would condemn Me? I woke this morning with thoughts of shame. Not my…
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