How to P.R.A.Y. through the Scriptures

How to P.R.A.Y. through the Scriptures Bob Neal

As Pastors and Congregational Leaders of a local discipleship community, my wife and I are always on a journey of  discovering creative ways to help our congregants connect not only to one another but primarily to Yeshua, our  Messiah and Chief Shepherd of our souls. (1 Peter 2:25). Beyond having a great weekend service, we…
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Experiencing Reconciliation Bob Neal

As a Christian Gentile pastor, my life, ministry and walk with the Lord has been greatly enhanced since becoming  relationally connected with many Messianic Jewish believers. I am fortunate and blessed to live in an area where many  wonderful people such as Paul and Luanne Wilbur, Nathan and Malki Wilbur, and Ben and Lorena Juster…
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