A range of resources are available on the Tikkun America® website. Contributed by the leaders and individual congregations, there are liturgical resources, academic resources and material that can be used to help each congregation and their members to grow within the Messianic movement and the larger Body of Messiah.

Models of Accountability After an introduction to Biblical Theology of Accountabilty, Daniel Juster’s article is split into four sections:

  1. Government, Authority and Justice in the Old Covenant Scriptures,
  2. Authority and Congregational Government in the New Testament,
  3. Models of Leadership and
  4. Unity in a World of Differing Models
Are Christian Feasts Pagan? Dan Juster states that “Christians seeking to recover the Jewish roots of their faith often claim that the Church celebrations are on the wrong dates. It is then said that the Church dates are pagan.” After giving his reasons for why the evidence for this claim is not clear, he goes on to discuss how this affects the Church’s call to return to Jewish roots.
The Status of Gentiles in Messianic Judaism This New Covenant Halacha of Tikkun International addresses issue of whether Gentiles can – and should – convert to Judaism. After briefly explaining the biblical and historical context, it goes on to speak of what is done in various streams of Judaism before listing five points that can be agreed upon and which the Tikkun network endorses for guidance.
Joining Israel Without Becoming a Jew After affirming the right and wrong reasons for a believing Gentile to consider conversion to Judaism, Daniel Juster unfolds his solution to the question: the Ruth II commitment and what that entails. With a guided list for Mentored Study, Daniel Juster then describes what a Covenant Ceremony looks like.
Confirmation in Community In this article Daniel Juster talks about the Tikkun Vision and Values on Community and Convenant Love. He lists five dimensions of community covenant values that the Tikkun congregations aim for, including building close and loving friendships, leaving the community and confirmation of a call to ministry.
A Challenge to Jewish Christians in Churches Addressing Jewish believers in churches who might not be aware of their calling, this article by Daniel Juster is split into several sections:

  • My Discovery of Jewish Calling and My Church Background
  • Living as a Jew
  • Why Live as a Jew?
  • The Intercessory Meaning of Jewish Life and
  • For You Who Are Part of a Church: Embracing the Calling
A Letter to Pastors of Jewish Christians This letter by Daniel Juster is specifically for the pastors of Jewish Christians. After addressing the issue of why Jewish believers still have a Jewish calling, the pastor is then invited to fulfill their crucial role of encouraging and supporting their congregant as they seek to live out their calling.
Tikkun Doctrinal Revision This three-page document covers what the Tikkun Networks affirm and believe.
Twelve Pillars This document lists and describes the twelve pillars that underpin the Tikkun America congregations and network.