Leadership Recordings III

Leadership Recordings III #Restore20

This next session is important. Given by our president, Ben Juster, who is moving back to the United States from Israel just as soon as he and his family can get a flight, this session – “Old Wells and New Wells” – looks to the future of our network while building on the strengths of…
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Leadership Recordings II #Restore20

It takes a lot to follow Asher, but our Shaliach Dan Juster picked up the challenge. What is it that makes Tikkun different from other ministries or networks? In this mesage, “Our Foundations and Distinctives”, Dan answers these questions and more. You won’t want to miss watching this from our founding father who has been…
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Leadership Recordings I #Restore20

As many of you will know, in the few days before the Tikkun America Family Conference held each year over the Memorial Day weekend, the Tikkun America leaders meet for a leadership conference. There are sessions for the senior leaders only, a business meeting and a number of sessions for all leaders: senior, elders, deacons,…
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Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook

Ohev Israel congregation Senior leader of Ohev Yisrael Born and raised in Southern California, Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook has known Yeshua his whole life.  He shared about Yeshua to his Jewish and non-Jewish friends in high school.  At the end of high school Rabbi Aaron began to feel that there was more to his Jewishness than just…
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