Congregational Planting

Congregational Planting Paul Blake

So, you’d like to see a Tikkun ministry planted in your city? Amen! The process of planting a congregation has been one of  the most rewarding experiences of my life. The relational breakthroughs were definite highlights—seeing people move  from stagnation to zeal, to develop their gifts, to receive a physical healing or be set free from a demonic torment.

At the same time, planting has been the most challenging assignment. About once a year I would feel like quitting. My wife  allowed me about a 24–48-hour window to be frustrated, look for some “stress-free” career at a jobs website, and  ultimately realize that I was just wasting my time with this “searching.” The challenges were hard; they really were. But it  is the turtle who wins the race. It’s not hard; just show up. The challenges were necessary, and our city benefited greatly  when we kept plugging away.

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