Cultivating Healthy Discipleship

Cultivating Healthy Discipleship Ben Juster and Todd Westphal

This is an interview with Tikkun America leader Todd Westphal.  Ben Juster started by asking:

Todd, you have been a long time friend and a transformational leader within our Tikkun America family of congregations. It is so good to have you with us share about how you mentor and develop people into a vibrant walk  with Messiah Yeshua and how you have raised so many up to become leaders themselves. First, tell me a little about yourself.

and Todd replied:

Thank you Ben. I’ve been in the Frederick, MD area for over 30 years and serve as the Roeh (Hebrew for Shepherd/Pastor) for El Shaddai Congregation, founded by Asher Intrater in 1987. My dear wife Deborah and I have  served this community in various roles going on 32 years. I also serve on the Tikkun International Board and the Tikkun America Apostolic Team.

Read the full article here: January ’23 Issue 17