Forgiveness Morgan Krapinski

There are numerous references in the Tanakh for worship, yet one word, avodah stands out above them all! Avodah is derived from the root word avad and is often translated as work! Consider two
passages in the Torah which use this word:

For six days you will work (ta’avod)‬, but on the seventh day you will rest” (Exodus 34:21, TLV).

When you come into the land which Adonai will give you as He has promised, you are to keep this ceremony (avodah)” (Exodus 12:25, TLV).

The Hanukkah story recounts the plight of our forefathers to restore correct worship to God against both a foreign king and fellow Israelites who drew us away from God’s commandments (see 1 Maccabees chapter 1). Judaism calls this type  of improper worship Avodah Zarah (literally “strange worship” or idolatry). The Maccabees fought back valiantly against  this and eventually cleansed the Temple, restoring proper worship and instituting the Festival of Hanukkah.

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