Is it Enough?

Is it Enough? Hallel Schell

Is It Enough?

Human trafficking, Genocide, Rape, Abortion, Murder … and so many other things that I cannot and absolutely do not want to imagine.

I have for so long been deeply disturbed by the severity of human suffering. I can say that certainly some of my angst comes from a heart of intercession and groaning for the people affected and for Messiah’s return. But there has also been another reason why it is so deeply disturbing to me. I have an underlying question:

Is God’s goodness really good enough?

Where’s the redemption for a child who has been brutally murdered? Where’s the redemption for a father who has watched his wife being raped? For a woman who has spent years as a sex slave? We all experience suffering to some degree, many times even throughout our lives.

Experiences like the death of a child, divorce, a terminal diagnosis, mental illness and so on, are true sufferings that many of us probably hold in common with each other to some degree.

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