Kingdom Living / Mamlacha Chai

Kingdom Living / Mamlacha Chai

We are a Yeshua centered, Spirit-filled, Jew and Gentile, Multi-ethnic, Multi-generational, Messianic Family Community. The Good News of Yeshua and the Kingdom of God is the Core Pillar of our Congregation. Flowing from this Kingdom Pillar of the Good News, we are seeking intimate relationship with our King in worship and growth in healthy and functional community relationships by the Spirit.

Part of our adventure together is learning to do the supernatural works of Yeshua in His love as well as developing character and integrity in all of life. This has led us to value a posture of learning and benefiting from the multiplicity of leadership examples, gifts, and spiritual authorities that can help us grow in unity, purity, power and maturity in strong connection with the larger Body of Messiah.

In our community we give a place of honor to Jewish life and calling, particularly for our Jewish believers who remain a part of Israel and the Congregation of Yeshua. This fits in very well within our value for unity, equality, and distinctions in Messiah, distinctions that bring mutual enrichment to the whole. This is all part of us getting to play our role as receivers and givers in God’s holistic approach to discipling people and nations.

In regard to this relational discipleship process, we place a high value in equipping believers in our Congregation to serve effectively in every sphere of their life as great servants and powerful influencers. Therefore, we believe it is good and right for believers in Yeshua to have significant servant-leadership influence in the realms of government, the economy (business, technology, science), education, the arts and entertainment, media, and in demonstrating and promoting healthy family life. Neighborly love and service, where we treat people the way we want to be treated is at the heart of how we seek to influence the world with the light of Messiah.

Being a praying community is becoming the engine of our work in extending the Kingdom of God for the sake of others. We are in the slow, yet exciting process of implementing morning and evening prayer, day-to-day with singers and musicians as we seek to be a place where Heaven and Earth connect and the Presence of God is manifest with us.


Lead Elder:
Tom Blake
Sam Vanbuskirk
Yohanes Tewodros
Eric Simon
Lon Wiksell
7230 Quivera Rd 
Shawnee, KS
PO Box 14726, Lenexa, KS 66285
(407) 443-5989