Koom House of Worship

Koom House of Worship

Arise and Engage

We are a Messianic Jewish house of worship that encounters God through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to advance the Kingdom in our local community and to unify the Body of Messiah. We seek to bring people into direct encounters with God by providing events and venues of outreach and ministry by and through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Koom is run by a plurality of leadership and is functioning as a sodality (mission driven) community.  We are a connecting and networking community expressed on the individual and local level.  In this season, we see that the Gentile church is hungry to connect to the deeper roots of their faith. God is turning hearts to build greater unity in His body so that there is infrastructure to receive the harvest of revival.


Judah and Hallel Schell
Judah was raised by his Jewish mother to always live a kingdom-focused lifestyle filled with worship, dance, prophetic ministry, and deliverance ministry. He has served as a worship leader in multiple congregations and small group settings, has a unique and powerful ministry in prophetic dance, and is gifted in pastoral leadership and counsel. Hallel has walked with the LORD ever since she was two, and grew up with a deep love for Israel. She has a PhD in Music Theory (Univ. of Oregon), has also been a worship leader and/or musical director in many congregations ever since she was twelve (in multiple denominational streams, including a reformed synagogue for a seven year period), and serves as an intercessory coordinator for Koom and for As You Go Ministries (Avi and Tzofiya Rogers). Both Judah and Hallel helped plant Beth Tikkun, served as a shamasheem couple, as worship leaders together, and have been the primary deliverance and prophetic ministry assistants to As You Go Ministries. They, along with their four young children, worship passionately before the LORD, they have a heart to minister to those who are hurt or burnt out in ministry, and they long to see the Body of Messiah come into the fullness of unity with each other and with G-d.

Devone Shaw
Devone is a licensed attorney who utilized her legal and CPA expertise in both public and private industries until she aligned her vision for her life with God’s will for her Kingdom assignment. Devone carries a prophetic, evangelistic and teaching mantel. Her ministerial experience includes being a deaconess at Reconciliation Community Church, teacher, and a minister to the sick in the hospital and women in prison. She also has been the head of evangelism and nursing home ministries. She is a preacher of holiness and righteousness. Her heart is to see the members of the Body of Messiah Yeshua delivered, set free and walking in wholeness and wellness in their spirit, soul, body and relationships. Her two mandates from God are to prepare the Bride of Messiah Yeshua for His second coming so that it is one that has walked out holiness and righteousness and to be a bridge which unites Jewish and gentile believers in Messiah Yeshua so that they are one in Him. Her passion is to educate, train, inspire and equip people to personify the person of Messiah Yeshua; to pursue His presence; and to possess His power; whereby, they will know Him, who they are in Him and fulfill their God-ordained destiny.

Bob and Lois Loeser
Bob has been a faithful and loving husband and friend to Lois for 37 years, and together they have raised three sons. Since coming to faith on Father’s Day in 1994, Bob has had a heart to go wherever the Lord leads since the time despite the unknown and the challenges that transition brings. God has given him a fatherly heart and desire to create a giving, loving, peaceful family community. He has over 25 years of ministry experience — in media, sound, as a prop director in stage plays and small skits. He has been a youth leader, minister, activity guy, preacher and teacher. Lois has been saved since the age of eight. She has been in ministry for 30 plus years. She has an associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in biblical study. She has been a teacher, evangelist and senior worship leader for small groups and congregations. Bob and Lois have served together as youth ministers. As a couple, they have traveled with As You Go Ministries (Avi and Tzofiya Rogers) as assistants in deliverance ministry.  Bob and Lois’ greatest desire is to see the Lord’s Prayer answered that we would be one in the same manner that our Heavenly Father and Yeshua are one. We believe as Messianic believers and Gentile believers become one,the world will know that Yeshua is the Messiah. Israel will know that Yeshua is the Messiah, birthing the nation of Israel to usher the return of Yeshua.

Stephen and Nikki Rogers
Web developer by day and aspiring musician by night, Stephen Rogers, adjoined by his wife Nikki Rogers, pursues to impact the body of Messiah through worship and scriptural revelation. He garnered his abilities as a producer while serving at Ahavat Yeshua (Pastor Ralph Finley), and as a worship leader in the founding of Beth Tikkun, where he served for several years as a sound engineer, producer and lead vocalist/guitarist. Nikki has loved God ever since she was a little child. She grew up in the messianic movement. She has a powerful ministry in prophetic dance, is highly gifted in administration, hospitality, childcare, and anything having to do with behind-the-scenes preparations for services/outreaches/events/ministries. Her heart to serve others is tenacious and unrelenting. She has a passion for youth ministry and desires to see people come into the fullness of freedom in their relationships with the Lord and each other.