Letting God Speak

Letting God Speak Martin Boardman

One night, shortly after we moved to our new house, I was driving home in the fog out in the country. I was going on what  were then unfamiliar roads. And in the dark, I was not always aware of exactly where I was with the fog. Fortunately, I had  put my new address into my GPS map app on my phone, so I could listen and follow the direction as to where I needed to  turn and in which direction I needed to travel.

When we listen to the directions on a phone app, we must follow what we hear carefully, as the directions guide us to  where exactly we need to go. Similarly, as seen in our walk with the Lord and that of living out the Spiritual Disciplines, we  need to listen to the Lord in prayer, who will guide and direct us exactly where we need to go and for what we are called to do.

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