Prayer & Action

Prayer & Action Martin Boardman

So Joshua did as Moses said, and fought the Amalekites, while Moses, Aaron and Hur went up to the top of the hill. [and]  When Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed … (Exodus 17:10-11 TLV)

There is a vital relationship between prayer and action, which is essential for any kind of ministry which seeks to advance  the Kingdom of God. Prayer needs to be a foundational component of the work that is done, and it needs to be ongoing to  sustain the work of the ministry.

John Calvin wrote about the necessity of prayer stating, “Therefore we see that to us nothing is promised to be expected from the Lord, which we are not also bidden to ask of him in prayers.  So true is it that we dig up by prayer the treasures  that we pointed out by the Lord’s gospel and which our faith has gazed upon.”

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