Redeeming a Generation for Yeshua

Redeeming a Generation for Yeshua Dr Daniel Juster

How is it possible that statistics say that the younger generation has been lost in droves to the Body of the Messiah? I don’t think the answers are difficult to find.

The basic answer is that this generation in the deepest level of its soul was formed much more by the secular world than by a culture of radical loyal followers of the Messiah.

Sometimes this includes a demonic presence. Our children were given to the school at least 7 hours a day, year after year. Then they mostly attended secular higher education if they continued schooling. The whole orientation and atmosphere were anti-biblical. In addition, the young adult generation is the first generation raised on the internet. Many found much anti-biblical content to influence them.

However, there is another more insidious and hidden aspect. Focusing on the screen hour after hour produces for many an inability to focus and concentrate. Brain physiologists and psychologists note a change in brain function and addictive behavior. This produces an inability to read contemplatively or to appreciate the depth of truth, beauty and goodness. Thomas Dubay in his great book, The Evidential Power of Beauty–one of the most profound books I have ever read and an amazing apologetic for biblical faith–notes that beauty reveals God.

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