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February (Sh’vat) 2023

Sh’vat is the eleventh month of the biblical calendar. It is best known for the holiday of Tu B’shevat, the new year for trees. Through the magazine this month, find the pathways to genuine joy through an attitude of gratefulness. Build your faith to pray for big things because prayer is powerful to bring change. 

Cling tightly to Yeshua the Bridegroom, and learn to live in and from the Kingdom as you learn to love the rest of the body and get past offenses. Let us all be encouraged to zealously pursue the salvation of Israel through prayer and testimony. May God empower you to reach the Jewish people and introduce them to Messiah!

January (Tevet) 2023

This month of Tevet is the third month of the Jewish civil year, but the tenth month for the biblical calendar. It begins as the final days of Chanukah come to a close. This year, of course, Tevet will straddle the New Year for the Gregorian Calendar. So it is a month of both endings and new beginnings. In Israel, it is a cool and rainy season, but will soon transition to the vibrant blooms of spring. 

This month, the magazine presents articles of inspiration and hope to help you reflect on closing out the year. But also exhortations to look ahead to the tremendous opportunities in our life with Adonai.

December (Kislev) 2022

This is the month of Kislev, typically known for the holiday of Chanukah. Light triumphs over darkness!

The magazine articles include an exhortation to strengthen your devotional imagination, growing in our trust for Adonai, and comparing two types of leaders. It is rounded out by a call to be continually filled by the Ruach HaKodesh and then to content for a Restorationist Messianic Judaism. 

November (Cheshvan) 2022

With the Fall Biblical Holidays now behind us and the Torah completing its cycle for 5782, we now enter a season of reset, with about 6 months before we commence with the Spring Feasts and Holidays. 
This month’s magazine coincidentally is framed by the themes of going deeper with the Lord and being strengthened in our character and spirit. The articles will guide you into the kind of life that represents the Father well in the earth and provokes others to healthy jealousy for relationship with Him—to the Jew first and also to the Nations.

October (Tishrei) 2022

This month, the magazine presents several articles that draw us into the meaning and application of the Holy Days. Also included is an encouragement about showing up and being present with God and with others in community, our calling as we live out the Gospel with purpose, and the irrevocable calling for the Messianic Jewish people.

September (Elul) 2022

It’s the month of preparation leading up to the High Holidays. In this issue, learn about the defining moments of our walk with Yeshua, delve deeper into healing and reconciliation among Adonai’s family, and explore how to pursue greatness in the Kingdom of God in a healthy way.

August (Av) 2022

Our 12th Issue! It is the fifth month of the Biblical calendar (five months after Nissan), and only two months before the High Holiday season.  Part II and the conclusion of the series on the Power of Blessing. Learn how to participate in Rebuilding Love and Unity in the Church.  Our guest Israel author speaks about Heart Check about how to hunger and thirst for righteousness. Finally, increase your competency in Processing the Prophetic and Listening to the Holy Spirit.

July (Tamuz) 2022

It’s the tenth month of the civil year and the fourth month of the biblical calendar. Inside: Part I of a two part series about the Power of Blessing. Then delve into what it means by Having  the Mind of Messiah. But By My Spirit is an article about standing firm in love and power for the Last Days. A complimentary article teaches about Standing In the Midst of Shaking. Finally, what is a Luke 4:18 Church? What if this passage really was the Priority of the Church?

June (Sivan) 2022

It’s our Shavuot edition! Do you still have a passion for one of the greatest promises in all of Scripture? Learn more inside. Also inside is the second article in a series on intercession. And explore a testimony and encouragement for why stability is important for children and families. You don’t want to miss the article about ordaining women as shamashot (deaconesses) as well as an exhortation to abide by the “third greatest commandment” of the New Covenant.

May (Iyyar) 2022

Have some friends that are doubting the existence of God? The lead article provides a helpful perspective. Also inside: Insights on moving from prayer to intercession; a clear presentation of the Gospel of the Kingdom; an evaluation of the relationship with your first love; and an exhortation about building community with a healthy eldership.

April (Nisan) 2022

It’s the Biblical New Year and the month where we kick off the Spring Feasts.  Inside: Learn why weeding can bring about happiness. Or explore ways to apply the Passover story in your life today. Also included are articles about suffering and God’s justice and mercy, walking with God in the Kingdom, and growing in our evangelism effectiveness with the Jewish people.

March (Adar II) 2022

Inside: Find out when the Kingdom of God grows fastest. Also, Rabbi Michael Weiner reflects on the amazing victory story of Purim; Part 2 of Jonathan Moore’s (elder at Ahavat Yeshua Congregation in Israel) series on dating, relationships and marriage. Grant Berry, of Reconnecting Ministries, writes a stirring article about the shared destiny of Jews and the Nations for Messiah’s glory. Finally, Rabbi Glenn Blank of Beit Simcha in Allentown, PA pens some thoughts about joy and an encouraging dream about God’s goodness.

February (Adar I) 2022

Excellent equipping resources are available for you and diverse audience of our Messianic family. This month, for example, we have articles on leadership, spiritual warfare, romantic relationships, Sephardic Judaism, and discipling children.

January (Sh’vat) 2022

Fresh start to the new year with a focus on building authentic friendships.  Exhortation to seek God for a demonstration of His power, not only a declaration of what He has done and could do. Other articles include: “Face to Face” about building deeper intimacy with the Father; an apostolic exhortation addressing the loss of the young adult generation; and the inside look at a conversation with God in  “Is It Enough”.

December (Tevet) 2021

Wouldn’t you like to overcome life’s drudgery? Find out how inside. Also inside: explore how to build a consistent habit of evangelism as a lifestyle;  Part II of “Yeshua’s Mutual Mandate” about God’s plan for Israel and the Nations;  a call to live authentically in discipleship and community, and reflections on Psalm 81.

November (Kislev) 2021

It’s the month of Chanukah! Reflect on dedication and what it means for you! Learn to avoid information intoxication. Also inside: “Good News for Jews” encourages evangelism, “Yeshua’s Mutual Mandate” – part I of a 2 part series on Israel and the Nations, beautiful original artwork, and an update about Aliyah from one of the Israeli congregational leaders.

October (Cheshvan) 2021

The second issue of our new digital magazine. Inside, learn about the path from pain to power, victoriously overcoming adversity. Also contains a prophetic exhortation for this season, some foundations for biblical counseling, testimony about life in Israel and original Messianic artwork.

September (Tishrei) 2021

The inaugural issue of the Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine.  Released on Rosh Chodesh of each Hebrew month, this magazine is purposed to provide resources for equipping and growth for your life in the Kingdom. It is multigenerational, with perspectives and exhortations from a diverse range of voices. This month contains reflections about the Fall Feasts and Holidays, as well as life within a Messianic Community.