Spiritual Formation through Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Formation through Spiritual Warfare Richard Cleary

Many followers of Rabbi Yeshua the Messiah, are longing for something more ancient in the daily rhythms in their Spiritual Lives and Disciplines. One of the practices which many turn to is liturgical prayer. I love this Spiritual Discipline;  yet, there are many days when it is the last thing I want to do. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. Certainly not the last  thing, but you know what I mean. There are days when I am not feeling it and would rather do liturgical sleep or liturgical eating, or liturgical YouTube.

But that’s the thing, we need healthy structure and discipline in our lives. If we choose to order our lives around whatever  we desire and feel without Godly restraint and discipline, then we are going to become wonky really quick. As those who  have died, been buried, and risen with the Messiah, what we need is a clear and compelling Vision for growing in the likeness of God’s Son.

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