Stewart and Millie Lieberman

Stewart and Millie Lieberman

Congregational leaders of Or Chaim

Millie and I heard God’s call into ministry in 1987. He spoke as clearly to me as I have ever heard: “Stewart, you have become a slave to the American dream, and I have called you to be a bondservant and son.” Within a few short months He showed us the immediate steps we were to take. Out of obedience we walked through doors He opened before us! We worked with YWAM for 11 years. On our journey, the Lord has led us to ministry in over thirty nations with a passion to see people set free from bondages and released into their destinies and callings. We desire to see God’s sons and daughters become lovers of God and sent into a fallen world fully equipped.

Millie and I moved to Denver in 2009 to pioneer a messianic Jewish Shabbat service called Beth Abraham as part of Church in the City. We had been sent out by the Hebrew speaking congregation we co-pastored in Tel Aviv Israel with Pastor Avi Mizrachi for eight years. Our heart and passion is for the people of God to experience the Lord’s presence and embrace the Hebraic roots of the faith and to see Jews and non-Jews come to know the true Messiah! Romans 1:16.

Both Millie and I have felt for some time an urgency from the Lord to be in alignment with people and ministries that are like minded and have similar vision for these end days. Apostolic anointing, team ministry, and the active embracing of the five-fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13) are crucial to see His purposes and the fullness of God at this time. Our particular giftings are in the area of Teacher/exhortation/Pastor/prophetic with our hearts submitted to a team that honors each ones giftings and callings. We also love to raise up, equip, and release others into their unique destinies.

As Messianic Jewish leaders, we are called to impart, proclaim, and champion the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel, God’s covenant people. We desire to see a healthy vibrant, Spirit filled and led Messianic Jewish body bring a balance and dynamic last days anointing to the church. We desire to see the Biblical, Grace filled application of Torah (God’s teaching/instruction) in the body, so the world will see the Living Torah is Yeshua in us! Our desire is that His Bride will embrace the cross fully and experience Messiah as Life!