The Dancing God

The Dancing God Hallel Schell

Did you know that God is a dancing God?

My guess is that you would say, “Yes!” thinking of the well-known verse in Zephaniah 3:17 where we read in some  translations that “He will dance for joy over you with singing.” (TLV) I would also venture to guess that when most  believers think of God dancing (if they do at all), it is within the context of God delighting in us, being filled with affection  for us as a loving Father and His attention focused on us His children. Several worship songs come to my mind that create this kind of picture.

A Different Picture

We will explore the biblical context of this verse in a moment, but first I want to offer a somewhat different picture of God as a dancing God than what seems to be more  often portrayed. The context I want to share with you came as a life-changing,  breakthrough-producing, power-packed revelation to me.

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