The Power of God’s Oath

The Power of God’s Oath Hallel Schell

As a deliverance minister, I have met many people who have a deep fear within themselves that they will be abandoned by  God. Many of these people are even seasoned believers. There have been times in my own life when I have struggled with  this fear of abandonment as well. From my own experiences and ministry to the hurting and demonized, I have found that often through our hurts and experience with other human beings, the enemy tries to stir up within us unbelief, fear of rejection, and fear of abandonment … by God.

Surely, the sinfulness of humankind has had a heavy hand in reinforcing the idea that God isn’t as faithful, gracious, or  powerful as He claims. Most of us need ministry in this area. But here, I want to add more weight to the truth by taking a  moment to deeply consider the power of God’s oath. What if we were to take Him at His word? I mean REALLY take Him at  His word?

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