When Prayer Becomes Intercession – Part 2

When Prayer Becomes Intercession – Part 2 Sam and Liza Lewis

In the first part of this article, we focused on Yeshua as the Shepherd, and the relationship the sheep must have with the Good Shepherd as we are joined with Him as the Bridegroom. It is from this place that we discover that Yeshua is also our Great Intercessor, and we as the Body are welcomed to become one with Him in this effort. As intercessors we also learn how to hear His voice and follow after Him as we are enabled to see things as He does, through the success of Heaven.

In this segment we will take a deeper look at Yeshua, our Shepherd King and examine what it means to focus on Him as our Bridegroom, and with us as His beloved and in our calling to intercession. This is where we learn how to enter into His efforts of intercession, and find true intimacy with Him in the bridal chamber in this calling to a lifestyle of prayer.

Yeshua rejoices over us as we meet Him in intercession and worship! We take different postures in different seasons of intercession. Sometimes we are in a “sheep” season, finding direction and learning to trust His voice. In other seasons, we are called to be a “warrior” and proclaim truth, and fight for breakthrough, while other times we are called to weep and align with the pain Yeshua feels and cry out for mercy. Still there is another season where we are called to come away with Him as His Bride.

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