Your Kingdom Come

Your Kingdom Come Lois Loeser

In our humanity and as believers in Yeshua, there are many needful subjects of great importance that may vary  according to our unique struggles as individuals. However, there is a subject which touches every human soul and life on  the planet, and that subject is the issue of offense— namely the taking on the offenses of others!

When the disciples asked Yeshua what the signs of His coming would be, He spoke to them about wars and rumors of  wars. In this, Yeshua reminded that many would come, claiming to be the Messiah and would deceive multitudes.  Ethnos rising up against ethnos “cultural divisions,” famines, pestilence, earthquakes. He said all these were the  beginnings of sorrows. He then said, “They will hand you over to persecution and kill you and you will be hated by all the  nations because of my name.”

He continued by reminding that in these times many will be offended [will easily take on a spirit of offense] and will  betray one another. One will hate another, thus causing the love of many to grow cold (Matt. 24:3-31).

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