Dazzling and Dazzled

Dazzling and Dazzled Hallel Schell

When we worship the LORD with other people, there is a powerful potential for a give-and-take between beings; a sort of inherent “kinetic” energy; a tangible exchange of life.

God uses worship, and He often does so to minister directly to us through others.

God also truly delights in ministering to people through people. As we all know, the verb “to minister” can also be  translated “to serve.” And God so delights to minister to people through their voluntary choice to minister to Him. In  short, we can say that healing can be, and often is a byproduct of ministry to God’s heart and ministering the heart of  God to another person.

When we worship together, we have the opportunity to be dazzled by God’s amazing nature and at the same time to  dazzle through His amazing Spirit. This multi-directional exchange of ministry is the machinery, the very vehicle by  which healing can come. Communal worship is the road for that vehicle.

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