Emerging Now!

Emerging Now! Benjamin Juster

When looking at the current landscape of the Messianic Movement in the U.S., it is sad to see that so many from my generation have either abandoned the movement or even fallen away from their relationship with the Lord  altogether. Even so, there are several high quality leaders in their 40’s and 50’s who are diligently serving  congregations, while faithfully representing the remnant of Israel in the diaspora. But without sufficient focus,  resourcing, and most importantly, a new move of the Spirit of God among our young people, we are at great risk of  vanishing as an identifiable movement.

Praise the Lord for renewed hope! This past month, Tikkun America hosted its annual Emerge Gathering, an  equipping conference of leaders and spouses aged 18-40. It started out in 2013 as a focused relational and equipping  time for elders. A few years later, we expanded to include spouses as well. With spouses invited, the easiest way to  encourage participation was to also provide accommodations for families with children.

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