Proof in the Tasting – Evidence for Doubters

Proof in the Tasting – Evidence for Doubters Ben Juster

You may have heard the expression, “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.” It is an odd proverb that basically means that you really can’t know the value or quality of something until you experience it for yourself. It doesn’t matter how good the pudding looks on the surface. Until you dig in…
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Authentic Friendship, You First Ben Juster

Much of our experience of Biblical community rests on the quality of our relationships. Many abandon community life not for lack of love for God, but because of the poor nature of or lack of relationships with others. Yet, relationships are supposed to be at the core of what makes fellowship with Messiah fulfilling and…
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Happy is the One Who Weeds Benjamin Juster

A neighbor forwarded me a cartoon with the caption, “Happiness is pulling a weed out by its root.” She followed it with, “Now I know why you are always smiling.” Apparently on many early mornings, she noticed me trekking throughout the yard tugging up weeds, piling them up to be disposed of later. There is…
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Free Time – Making use of Unscheduled Times Ben Juster

It has been said that the Kingdom of God expands fastest in evenings and weekends. Why is this so? For most of us, we spend the majority of our workday time “on task.” Rightly so. The focus is doing the best that we can to satisfy the needs of the organization or clients. Though diligence,…
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But I’m Not a Leader Benjamin Juster

You may not be in a leadership position within your congregation or workplace. Leonard Ravenhill relates the story of a group of tourists who were visiting a picturesque village in the mountains. They strolled by an old man sitting by the gate leading into the town. One tourist stopped and curiously questioned him, “Were any…
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