Getting the Schmutz Off

Getting the Schmutz Off Ben Juster

Many of us have had the unfortunate circumstance of stepping in dog-doo. As soon as you recognize that you’ve  stepped in it, the normal reaction is to sigh in frustration or to let slip some other colorful expletives. On the occasion it  has happened to me, I rush to take out the garden hose to wash the shoe off completely while the dung is still fresh—I  don’t even want the residue of it remaining. Yeah, gross, I know. But I just have to get the schmutz off before it gets  tracked all over the house.

Or perhaps you didn’t realize you had stepped in it. You are sitting in the house with friends or family when someone  exclaims, “What’s that smell! It smells like dog-doo!” Everyone simultaneously checks their shoes, hoping that it does  not end up to be them. Sure enough, one person discovers the fetid residue clinging to the crevices of their shoe.  Everyone else points and howls in unison toward the offender, “EW! Get that out of here!”

You get the idea. Though humorous, this anecdote can actually be an analogy for unintentional sin that invades our lives.

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