Is Your Love Growing Cold?

Is Your Love Growing Cold? Eitan Shishkoff

The moment I saw her I was in love with her …

She was standing at my kitchen counter cutting up vegetables. Our rock band lived in a big house together. Yes, I was the drummer; and it was 1968. Though I had no reason to expect that something was there, mutual friends had described the woman who I instantly knew she was my true love.

Now, more than 53 years later, I can truthfully say that not a day has gone by that I’ve doubted what I felt at that moment. Has my passion cooled at times? Have we ever experienced tension, disagreement, misunderstanding? Have the demands of raising children, work, moving across the country and even to another country caused weariness—a cooler temperature to our love? Of course. Inevitably, and by mutual choice, we have forgiven each other and pushed “restart” on our tenderness.

My experience as the husband helps me grasp Yeshua’s warning to us as believers entering the end times.

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