Divine Drudgery

Divine Drudgery Benjamin Juster

There are many tedious and mundane activities of life that never end — laundry, dishes, commuting to and from work, cleaning up after the pets. You get the idea. Drudgery.

Drudgery is defined in Merriam-Webster as dull, irksome, and fatiguing work: uninspiring labor. It is the grind and travail of life. These activities are necessary to keep an ordered life, but they can wear on your emotions and steal your joy. But, you may even feel that way about this season of your job or ministry.

Part of the innate sense within each of us is that we were created for a higher purpose. Many of us have had parents, teachers, or mentors that encouraged us to strive for more and to become the best that we could be.

If this is internalized in an unhealthy way, someone can feel that their worth is tied to measuring up to these perceived expectations.

A leading cause of shame is when people feel like they are not doing as much as they think they “should” be doing or are missing out on their greater purpose in life. But shame is a dangerous task master — it will cause you to seek identity and affirmation from people and activities rather than from the Father through the Holy Spirit.

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