Kairos Moments in Savannah

Kairos Moments in Savannah Juleon Akana

Recently my wife and I made the short four-hour drive to Savannah, Georgia. We took a few days off for ourselves (or so we thought) to recharge and get away from everything. It turns out that Adonai had gone before us even in our plans to  hide from everything and everyone.

Upon our arrival, we experienced a heightened sense of awareness of  many unholy spirits. This is not uncommon for us.

When we as believers visit new places, we often encounter demonic oppressions or strongholds which we may not have  experienced in our own cities or hometowns. The Adversary was nevertheless devising a plan to distract us from the  Lord’s direction. This is why I say, “… or so we thought.” Even in our small trips or vacations, Yeshua goes before us, and  prepares us to manifest His Kingdom, and we are His chosen vessels for that task.

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