Reaching Israel as our Primary Motive

Reaching Israel as our Primary Motive Daniel Juster

Messianic Judaism and our prophetic calling for the last days was founded in the early 1970’s and is based on our calling  to the harvest and commission by Yeshua to reach Jewish people for their Messiah as demonstrated through  signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and deliverances. The Messianic Jewish Movement began with a passion to see  Jewish people come to faith and then ultimately to see Israel saved. (Romans 11:26)

Although there has always been a desire to see all nations, tribes and peoples come to faith in Yeshua as part of our  calling within Tikkun and to see the Restoration of the Church and Israel, from my view, we go askew as a movement  whenever the centrality of Israel and reaching Jews for their Messiah is not primary. Of course, in our Tikkun Network, we nevertheless share so many key foundations with the Greater Body of Messiah on other important matters which  are central to fulfilling the first order of priorities such as unity, revival, five-fold restoration, balanced government,  connections to world evangelism, etc.

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