A Prophet as a Prophet

A Prophet as a Prophet Benjamin Juster

My mind started to shut down, and my eyes glazed over as if a thick fog had settled over me. The person on the stage  was speaking, but I wasn’t engaged any more to receive what the person was saying. I know the reason why. I had pre-judged this person as too melodramatic and self-important for my taste, and he just rubbed me the wrong way.

So my immediate response was to tune out the message. But then I arrested myself. I was convicted by the fact that this  person was passionate for God and may have been inspired with something from the Lord that I could receive. Fighting  back the fog, I took a breath and really tried to lean in again and listen to what the Spirit might be conveying through the individual.

It was powerful, and the words this person spoke continue to impact my life many years later.

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