Reacquire Your Taste for the Spirit

Reacquire Your Taste for the Spirit Benjamin Juster

A loss of taste has been reported by many as one of the strange side effects of the COVID-19 virus.

A friend of mine related the story of how his daughter experienced an even more horrific effect—a long-covid condition  called parosmia caused all food to taste like rancid garbage, so much so that she wanted to wretch each time she ate.  Sometimes, this condition is permanent. After more than ten months of suffering and breaking down in despondent  tears, Adonai miraculously healed her just twelve days before her wedding day. She was able to enjoy her wedding cake,  this time with laughter and tears of joy.

Recently, I’ve had several conversations with believers who have expressed that they “lost their taste” for the Lord.  Reading the Word and spending time in the Father’s Presence didn’t have the same appeal to them as it used to. And  worse yet, several have become turned off and even repulsed by God and His Ways.

There are a number of reasons why someone’s taste for the Spirit wanes. In many cases, the individual has saturated  themselves with media and music that are permeated with a worldview that runs counter to the Kingdom of God.  Instead of a consistent diet of truth, the spiritual food is tainted and twisted. Like a virus, it spreads and attacks the  normal and healthy ability of the mind and spirit to perceive God rightly and to enjoy Him.

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