Rebuilding Love and unity in the Church – Part 2

Rebuilding Love and unity in the Church – Part 2 Grant Berry

“Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.” (Isaiah‬ 62:10)

As you have read part one of this article last month and are now reading part two, please continue to be prayerful as we focus on some delicate and sensitive issues which we need to face during these days.

When it comes to the human issues holding back the fullness of love and unity in the family of God between Jew and Gentile, we actually are all in the same boat. Just as our Gentile-believing family has emotional issues in dealing with  this reconciliation, so we as Messianic Jewish believers, also have emotional issues when dealing with the need for  reconciliation. One of the greatest challenges in my personal walk as a Jew, and in my heart, is this place of rejection that our people have carried for thousands of years, which has traveled through our generational bloodlines. This has been compounded as being mostly rejected by the Church, and then rejected by our own people for believing that  Yeshua is Mashiach. This is the spiritual environment that most Messianic believers have grown up in over the last 50  years, and in turn has affected all of us in the Messianic body.

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