Polishing Your Neighbour’s Shoes

Polishing Your Neighbour’s Shoes Mark Rantz

In our culture today, humility is a word which is often not spoken, or a characteristic rarely seen. Where Ya’akov (James)  4:10 exhorts, “Humble [ourselves] in the sight of Adonai, and He shall lift you up,” (TLV), the world generally responds with  silence. Within the still world and even many churches, humility is a posture…
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Be a Prism Ben Juster

As we conclude the season of light and clean up from all of the festive community celebrations, family gatherings, and joyful songs, I consider how important it is that we continue to evaluate our effectiveness of reflecting the light of God to the world. Of course, Yeshua proclaimed, “I am the light of the world.…
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A Call to Holiness Rabbi Michael Weiner

A Call to Holiness We all have a calling on our lives to holiness. The Hebrew word for “holy” is Kadosh. It means to be separate, distinctive or apart. Apart from what? Apart from an evil world. God’s people blend in too much with the rest of society. We want to be accepted, but God…
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