Being a People Empowered by Joy

Being a People Empowered by Joy Sarah Cleary

What are you empowered by? What’s the fuel in your tank? I’d like to suggest that we are designed by the Lord to run on the powerful fuel of joy. Joy can mean a feeling of great pleasure, happiness, rejoicing, cheerfulness, or even calm  delight. This is not the caricature of joy where one is…
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Come, Holy Spirit Daniel Juster

One of my privileges was to meet and spend  time with John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Network. He read a brochure from a conference I was a part of and actually had a word from God to reach out to me. This was quite  amazing! John Wimber was famous for revealing the reality…
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Listening to the Holy Spirit Juleon Akana

In Luke’s gospel, we read about Yeshua sending us what our Father promised, the Ruach HaKodesh. He exhorted the emissaries to wait in Yerushalayim until they were clothed with the Spirit’s power. In fact, it was to our advantage that He left, for if He did not go away, the Helper would not be sent…
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