Days of Distress

Days of Distress Jackie Santoro

It was Shabbat here yesterday and there was a lovely quiet in the air. The nation honors the Shabbat and even the most secular people take a break from the frenzy of the week. As soon as the sun goes down though, the intensity of these days will return in full power. The current political…
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The Rains Have Come! Jackie Santoro

I was looking out my window a few days ago and the sky is filled with ominous dark clouds. It had rained and was threatening to rain again. And although rain is usually an event we look forward to happily, this time I was struck that this dark sky was a picture of our nation…
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The Rains have Come! Jackie Santoro

A very Happy and Blessed New Year to you! In Israel we get to wish everyone a “Happy New Year” two times each year. The first is on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) and then again on January 1- the “civil” New Year as we call it. When we first moved here, there was…
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