The Ten Commandments – Wrap Up 2

The Ten Commandments – Wrap Up 2 Rabbi Michael Weiner

Yesterday, I made a promise. Today, by the grace of God, I am going to keep it. What the world would be like if God were in charge? How did this get to be the big question of the day? For about three weeks I’ve been writing on the Ten Commandments. As I’m wrapping up…
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The Ten Commandments – Wrap Up 1 Rabbi Michael Weiner

The Decalogue is a combination of 2 Greek words. “Deca” is Greek for “ten”, while “logos” is Greek for “word.” The “Ten Words” is also how we speak of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew. In Hebrew they are the Asarat HaDabrot or Ten Words. Eser is Hebrew for “ten,” while davar is Hebrew for “word.”…
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