Taking Responsibility For What Has Been Given

Taking Responsibility For What Has Been Given Zachary Williams

Our congregation, “Remnant of Israel” in Wichita, KS has the rare blessing as a Messianic congregation of fully owning our  own building. It was built in the early 1950’s with a common vaulted architecture of the time, and it even still has a  “Fallout Shelter” sign on the outside of the building. A couple years ago in a maintenance area, I found an old, heavy  catalog cabinet with shallow pullout drawers. I looked in the drawers and found that it contained alphabetized attendance  cards from 1955 and 1956.

Interestingly, in the weeks before the Emerging Leaders Conference in Kansas City in February 2024, several pictures were hung up at my workplace stating, “In God We Trust, motto of the U.S.A., signed into law July 30, 1956.”

So, when I had the chance recently to teach on Numbers 26 & 27 a week before the Emerging Leaders Conference, I  understood that God was highlighting things from a previous generation to be shared with this generation.

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