The Beautiful Fruit of Clinging to Him

The Beautiful Fruit of Clinging to Him Maggie Kimball

I am writing this on my 50th birthday. There was a time when I was only half that old. I invite you to think back with me as I reflect … I am 24 years old and my not-so-well-thought-out decisions have put 1 me in a desperate situation. I’m a new single parent, but also a newly converted follower of Yeshua. Yes, I was saved into Messianic Judaism. Even so, I’m desperate: I’m desperate for healing and spiritual intimacy. I want to be fully known, accepted and loved.

You see, up until this point in my young life, I have independently and often rebelliously made every decision by
myself and for myself.

It’s my junior year of college, at the 4th university I had attended. I am absolutely burned out on really bad relationship choices. And on top of trying to finish school this time, I am now trying to navigate what it means to be a single parent. All of my decisions up until this point have brought me to this place of desperation — I don’t like where I am or who I have become. I had relied on myself and I thought that being independent was a good thing? Until my eyes were opened.

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